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Perfume Workshop: Private Event for Besins Healthcare Vietnam

Discover the beauty of scents and create your bespoke perfume with Rei Nguyen

Main content:
- The language of scents
- The relationship between scents and our mental heath
- ABCs to perfume
- Create and take away your own Eau de Parfum (travel size: 10ml)

About Rei Nguyen
Rei Nguyen is a Vietnamese Perfume Artist. Apart from her love for scents, Rei is also passionate in sharing the fragrance knowledge to the community through her fragrance workshops across Japan and Vietnam.

▪️Study Perfume Design and Aromatherapy in Japan (2018-2019)
▪️Delegate of Vietnam to join JENESYS 2016 (JENESYS is a program sponsored by the Japanese Government) theme Trade and Investment
▪️Delegate of Vietnam to exhibit fragrance products in Japan - Vietnam Festival in Tohoku, Japan 2017
▪️ Founder & CEO of Amaii Aroma, a green scent brand in Vietnam
▪️ Host of scent workshops, seminars, exhibitions across Japan and Vietnam
▪️Perfume writer at reinguyen.com